EVS36 — 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition
Lecture Sessions

4E - EVs and the Circular Economy

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

9:45 am - 11:15 am

Ballroom B7

9:45 am-10:05 am

Lithium-ion battery recycling technologies towards sustainable electric vehicle industry

Xiao Lin
Botree Cycling

Dr. Xiao Lin, CEO of Botree Cycling Member of the National Technical Committee SAC/TC294 on Discarded or Disused Chemicals Disposal of Standardization Administration of China. Operation Agent of IEA HEV TCP Task 48 Battery Swapping, participant of IEA HEV Task 40 CRM4EV, Leaders in Innovation Fellowships Royal Academy of Engineering Funded by Newton Fund. Working in novel separation and purification technologies for critical battery metals, revolutionary solution for battery recycling and materials regeneration. Finished 50+ research and commercial projects, granted prizes like national technology invention and national key practical technologies of environmental protection. Published 40 papers, been authorized 30+ patents, participated in the formulation of national standards, and been one of main writers of “Power battery blue book” (China) and “White book of power battery recycling” (China).

10:05 am-10:25 am

Demonstrating the business case and lessons learned for lightweighting EV components through a circular economy approach

Floris Teunissen
Cenex Nederland

Floris Teunissen is a technical specialist at Cenex Nederland (Amsterdam) with a background in Mechanical engineering and a Masters in Industrial Ecology. Teunissen is working on several innovative research projects that relate to circular Economy principles and performing Life Cycle Analysis in the automotive industry i.e. LEVIS, SESA, Aerosolfd.

10:25 am-10:45 am

Understanding the techno-economic feasibility of electric vehicle battery reuse and recycling

Alexander Tankou
International Council on Clean Transportation
United States

Alexander Tankou is an Associate Researcher at the International Council on Clean Transportation. Since joining, his work has focused on electric vehicle (EV) incentive design, the used EV market, and EV battery reuse and recycling. In addition to his research duties, Alexander supports the ICCT’s role as the Secretariat for the International Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Alliance and the ZEV Transition Council. Alexander holds an M.S. in Energy and Climate Policy from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. in Energy and Environmental Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

10:45 am-11:05 am

Opportunities and challenges of the raw material industry for the purpose of battery cell manufacturing- Investing into localized battery value chains in North America

Simon Buderath
P3 USA, Inc.
United States

Having received his diploma in engineering and business administration in 2008, Mr. Buderath was a consultant for P3 automotive GmbH in Germany, with a focus on R&D Strategy and Organization. In 2013, he became the Head of P3 Trucks Product Engineering and Planning and held that position through 2021. Currently, he is responsible for Principal Strategy & Technology and is leading this sector for P3 USA inc., focusing on electric mobility. His team of engineers and consultants are working on the latest powertrain and charging technologies from early concept definition to market roll-out. His customers include OEMs, Tier 1 and 2, as well as financial investors.